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BEYOND BELIEF Questions & Answers


Q.  What is Beyond Belief

A.   Beyond Belief is our opportunity to take advantage of all that the Lord has given us by increasing the influence of Christ in the lives of everyone in Germantown, Gaithersburg and the surrounding areas.  The purpose of this campaign is to encourage people to willingly grow in the grace of giving – without coercion or pressure.  As each of us grows in the grace of giving, God can use us to accomplish His will for His church, and use us to meet the needs of our community and future generations for Christ.


Q.  What is the plan?

A.     For 15 years, Journey’s Crossing has been a portable church, moving and setting up every single Sunday. Not only is this a taxing process but it also challenges our ability to have week day events and connect with the community is a greater way. Recently it has come to our attention that one or more buildings in the Germantown area have become available at much less costs than before. In fact, it is possible that we can move into a leased facility that is available 24/7 for what we currently spend on renting or less. In order to ready the building, it will take about $500,000. Too keep costs low and reduce any interest we are asking everyone to pledge something above and beyond their normal giving so we can renovate and move into a permanent facility.


Q:  What is the Calendar of Events?

  • November 13                          Campaign Kick-Off
  • November 30, December 1&2             Dessert and Info Meetings
  • December 3-10                         Family Conferences
  • December 11                          Commitment Sunday
  • December 18                          Celebration Sunday/First Gifts Sunday


Q:    What is the cost of the renovation project?

A:    The initial estimate for renovation of the Building is $410,000 dollars plus architects & attorney’s fees, and permits. We will need at least $500k to commit to the project and closer to $750 to $1million to furnish and update the inside. As the theologian John Henry Jowett once said, “Ministry that cost nothing, accomplishes nothing.”


Q:      What can I do?

A:       You can begin now by praying to know and do God’s will concerning your gift to this program.  Spend time in prayer and meditation on God’s Word as you seek to discover His will.  The amount He leads you to give will be the right amount. (2 Cor. 8:11-14).


Q:      What about my regular giving?

A:       Your commitment to Beyond Belief should be an amount God leads you to give over and above your regular tithe and offerings.  We must maintain our giving to the operating budget so that day-to-day church operations will be unaffected. (Acts 20:35)


Q:      How should I give?

A:   There are four ways to give. On December 18th each family will be asked to bring a “First Gifts” offering as we share in the victory of what God has done and is going to do in the life of our church.  Ask God for creative ways to increase your gift.  Involve your whole family in raising a specific amount for your “First Gifts” offering.


Second, you can make a pledge on December 11th. The giving period will last for two years starting December 18th.  You can give far more when it is spread out over time, and you may choose to give weekly, quarterly, or even make yearly payments.  Please elect the best schedule for you and your family.


Third, you can give a gift of assets.  In addition to monetary gifts, you may give real estate, stocks, bonds, coins, gold, etc.  Call the church office for assistance at (301) 963-9250.  


Fourth, you can make the church a beneficiary in your will.  There are many tools available to you now that can benefit the church and leave an inheritance for your heirs at the same time.  We can put you in contact with professionals in this are who can help you as you plan.  Call us for assistance.


Q:    How will I know how much to give?

A:       Pray daily and allow God to open your heart and direct you about your commitment.  Through prayer and personal assessment, you will know what to give.  Again, your gift, whatever the amount, should be an over-and-above gift.  To split our current giving between the current operating expenses and the new building will prove nothing and will endanger our ability to minister in the present.


Q:      How long do I give?

A:       You will receive a commitment card and be asked to fill out the card with the amount you intend to give.  You may give weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or in a lump sum.  Most people prefer a system of regular weekly giving; however, you should make your decision based on God’s will and the best method for you.


Q:      Will my contribution be made public?

A:       Absolutely not.  Only the total amount of all the commitments receive will be announced on Celebration Sunday, December 18th


Q.       How will I designate my commitment for Beyond Belief?

A.        Our offering envelopes will have an area where you can indicate what part of your offering is for Beyond Belief and what part is for your regular tithes and offerings. There will also be a drop-down on the website, a way to select Beyond Belief through text giving and through the Journey’s Crossing App.


Q. Do we have to raise the entire $500k-$1M before we start construction?

A.       Obviously we need as much financial commitment as possible to go forward.  The more money we have up front, the more loan interest we are able to save, and the more we can use our funds for equipping our people for ministry purposes.


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